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Originally Posted by Goshdarnit View Post
Acceleration was mind blowing. The raw numbers just dont do it justice. Really pins you back in your seat and just takes your breath away. Cornering is incredible. I started off wimping out because I couldnt believe a big car could corner like that but quickly gained confidence.
If you haven't had a test drive in a Tesla I recommend that you do. I'm not wanting you to buy one, but I think the comparison would be interesting and Tesla Sales won't be giving you the hard sell that dealer-franchises do - although having a reason why you would not be buying "yet" might shorten the conversation ... The Jag is mid 4S 0-60 I think? whereas the Model-S is high 2S and launch is a proper roller-coaster type feel (different money for the top-end Model-S and the Jag of course, so not a fair comparison other than "just having done it" )

I reckon that all these "Sports Electric Salons" are going to be similarly astonishing to ICE drivers (of the PetrolHead flavour), and probably worth having a comparison point (now that there is more than one to choose from). I think the Tesla "wallows" when pushed (and yet it gets round corners faster than it feels to me that it will be comfortable with [low centre of gravity]), bur my comparison-point is different as I come from smaller hatch - RS4 and the like - and my in-the-garage toy is a Lotus-7 kit thingie with 300 BPH Rover V8 ... which isn't anything like driving an EV either! albeit also a low 3Sec 0-60
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