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Jaguar I-Pace Facts So Far


As you learn and read more into the i-Pace, Jaguar's design philosophy will continue to surprise you. Starting from the top, what's really giving Jaguar an edge here is the freedom to shape the i-Pace however they want with little restriction from the main functioning components. That edge results in a much more spacious cabin.

“This isn’t just a concept. This is a preview of Jaguar's first all-electric performance SUV that will be on the road in 2018. This will be Jaguar’s first-ever battery-powered electric vehicle and opens a new chapter in the history of our legendary brand.”
Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design

I-PACE Concept allowed our designers the luxury of an uncompromised electric-only platform from the beginning. With a large battery pack between the wheels and motors on each axle, we had the opportunity to change the fundamental proportions of an SUV.

Firstly, with no engine to accommodate up front, the bonnet has no need to be as long as regular cars. As a result, the cabin can be pushed more towards the front of the car to give a purposeful ‘cab-forward’ look from the outside while creating much more space inside – including 70mm of leg room for rear passengers.

This in turn allows for a bigger front windscreen, which alongside the full-length panoramic glass roof, creates a greater feeling of space for all passengers.

“We agreed upon this ‘cab-forward’ design in the early stages, which really is key for the front part of the roof line, but also for the impression of space inside.”
Dr Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover Technical Design Director

Meanwhile, keeping the front and rear overhangs as short as possible and lengthening the space between the front and rear wheels – in order to house the larger battery pack vital to the car’s longer range (up to 500km) – gives the car a much more solid stance on the road.


Performance, Power & Range

Performance isn't entirely known but the facts we have listed below from Jaguar give you a great indication of whats to come. As you can see its a very practical daily driver, but it lives up to the level of performance we expect from Jaguar is in question. Expect to see some Jaguar Formula E race car DNA trickle down.

I‑PACE Concept can offer a range greater than 500km on a single charge.

Its instant torque, All Wheel Drive capabilities and aerodynamic design enable I‑PACE Concept to achieve sports car acceleration, reaching 100km/h in around 4 seconds.

With 700Nm of instant torque available, I‑PACE Concept’s two electric motors together produce 400PS of power.

I‑PACE Concept’s range is enabled through its high tech Lithium Ion battery which has a capacity of 90kWh.

I‑PACE Concept can achieve 80% charge in 90 minutes with a 50kW DC rapid charger.

A Purely BEV

Any time a car maker builds a vehicle to do one thing great, it usually live up to that. From what we can tell so far, the I-Pace is no different. If our expectations are right, this will be a practical daily driver with the typical sporty driving characteristics Jaguar offers.

The most exciting thing about I‑PACE Concept is that it’s been developed from the outset as a purely battery electric vehicle (BEV).

Being able to put all those important electric vehicle components – motor, battery pack, wheels and more – just where we want them has opened up great opportunities.

Drawing on the same intensity, passion and skills as you’ll find in Jaguar’s FIA Formula E World Championship team, the engineers behind I‑PACE Concept opted for two compact and efficient synchronous, permanent magnet motors at the front and rear axles.

“The right concept for an electric car is a flat battery pack underneath the floor and then two motors, one in front and one behind that pack. The rear motor is best for driving the wheels, while the front motor is best for recuperating energy.”
Dr Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover Technical Design Director

Generating a combined 400PS and 700Nm of instant torque, 0-60mph can be achieved in around 4.0 seconds. That’s genuinely breathtaking sports car-like acceleration and safe with it, as all-surface benefits are built-in from the all-wheel drive, dual-electric motor approach.



If you're already sold on the idea of owning an I-Pace, you'll have to keep on waiting. Dealers are expected to take delivery come the second half of 2018. However you can get your spot in line by signing up here.


Complete your details and a Jaguar retailer will contact you to discuss how you can be one of the first to own the production model I‑PACE when it arrives in the second half of 2018.

If your country of residence does not appear in the list below, the Jaguar I-PACE will not be available in your country at launch.

Please click here to register for all the latest news and updates.
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The biggest problem I have with some of these specs is the fact they are based on the concept... we all know how that translates to the real world. So when I see specs like "I‑PACE Concept can achieve 80% charge in 90 minutes with a 50kW DC rapid charger." taking it with a grain of salt is always best.
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We're probably hoping for the best, but I'm skeptical when it comes to the charging speed. I think all mention of Fast Charging has been removed from the Bolt EV website way back when it still wasn't on sale yet. The same could happen with the I-Pace as well.
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I gotta agree with the above.

Until I see a production model go through it's paces to really show me real world facts and specifications, I'm not looking too deeply into that. Even things like the leg-room can't be said for certain because we don't know what they've changed from Concept to Production. All we've gotten was the spy shots of it being tested and that's as far as that goes.
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I-Pace = E400

According to Evo, the upcoming Jaguar I-Pace is expected to wear the ‘E400’ name, as its all-electric powertrain pumps out 400PS (294kW).

I'm thinking that they should of developed the new nomenclature, not around horsepower, but torque - E700 - now that sounds better!
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50 kW charging was just an example.
According to a Jag chief engineer, that is the example they used to compare to Chademo.
The car will get CCS, 150 kW minimum rating.
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