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I-Pace Test Drive

Well I finally got to test drive an I-pace. Luckily, it was a First Edition which is the model I’ve ordered. I was a bit put off when they delayed my delivery until December, but driving it put any doubts I was having to bed! Wow wow wow! This car is amazing. I truly loved it. Acceleration was mind blowing. The raw numbers just don’t do it justice. Really pins you back in your seat and just takes your breath away. Cornering is incredible. I started off wimping out because I couldn’t believe a big car could corner like that but quickly gained confidence. It drives like a much smaller car.

Interior finish was superb, and I couldn’t see any flaws in the panel gaps. The one I drove had the 22” wheels and it looked amazing. So I had to amend my order to include those wheels. They look spectacular. The car really suits them. The one I drove was black, and it looked stunning but I’m sticking with my Corris grey order. All told, it really settled my mind. I have chosen the right car. I just can’t wait for December now!!
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