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Originally Posted by McRat View Post
I program my cars to 74F so won't be as much of a problem for me. The Jag has heated glass tech, and 72F melts snow anyways.

It does have 4 zone temp control, and quick and simple knobs to set temp from all seats.

Folk do not understand heaters and AC units in cars are ON/OFF devices, just like your home.

There is no reason to set a car to 60F if it's working right.

New video review -

I'm sorry you have limp wrists BTW. You should stay away for from truck stops. Those nozzles are like fire hoses.

Sidebar - I think the Jaguar i-Pace's release is why Elon Musk called Brit rescuers in Thailand pedophiles. He's trying to imply pedophiles buy British cars. He's all about internet brand marketing, and very, very little about EV adoption.

SidebarToo - I removed my 2.3 year old "reservation" from my sig for a Tesla. It appears it's a Black Friday at Walmart with Tesla orders. I won't stand in line a second time. When they can inventory one, I'll buy IF I can order it how I like it, not how Elon wants me to like it. Cancelling my reservation today because it was just a way to draw in suckers who believed things Elon says to his customers. He's having a great laugh now. He's always acted like Tesla buyers are stupid, but he just had to push that little bit further.

Well, #1, automotive HVAC is NOT like a home, google how it works for more detail. #2, the charging ports are poor design. #3, HI will melt snow faster and LO makes the car colder fast.

amazing how fast you took facts about a car as a personal attack. Blocked

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