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Originally Posted by jsimon7777 View Post
A few months after the MX came out, while the waiting list was still huge, I could have bought a P90D right off the lot. Now I can buy a Model 3 pretty quickly. I looked at one yesterday and I really like it. Thinking of selling the truck. Wife will still get an ipace. Specifically, I like the non-performance RWD. Effectively the base model right now. I'm going to check out a couple other cars today, too.
Correct. There is no wait list in the US for RWD Model 3's right now. Nor is a reservation worth anything. You are actually better off without a reservation. If you order, and something goes wrong, they keep all 'monies' as processing fees. They are not a deposit as stated on the purchase contract. To order, you need to send $2500. So if you already sent $1000, and something goes wrong, you lose $3500. If you do not have a reservation, you will get your car just a quick, but you can only lose $2500 if something goes wrong.

If you order today, you will see your car in the US somewhere between 3 weeks and ???. There are still a few ??? out there for unknown reasons. Officially, it's 1 to 3 months.

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