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Originally Posted by McRat View Post
SidebarToo - I removed my 2.3 year old "reservation" from my sig for a Tesla. It appears it's a Black Friday at Walmart with Tesla orders. I won't stand in line a second time. When they can inventory one, I'll buy IF I can order it how I like it, not how Elon wants me to like it. Cancelling my reservation today because it was just a way to draw in suckers who believed things Elon says to his customers. He's having a great laugh now. He's always acted like Tesla buyers are stupid, but he just had to push that little bit further.
A few months after the MX came out, while the waiting list was still huge, I could have bought a P90D right off the lot. Now I can buy a Model 3 pretty quickly. I looked at one yesterday and I really like it. Thinking of selling the truck. Wife will still get an ipace. Specifically, I like the non-performance RWD. Effectively the base model right now. I'm going to check out a couple other cars today, too.
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