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Originally Posted by phil View Post
Actually, the thing that troubles me most about the I-Pace is its wide turning circle -
The wheelbase on the i-Pace is exceptionally long for the OAL. It has a longer wheelbase than Tahoe (large SUV), or any of the Teslas.

Here's the turning radii of various cars, curb to curb not wall to wall (cars with longer noses/OAL need more room for cars or walls than shorter cars):

Model S - 20.35' (116.7" wheelbase, 196" long)
i-Pace - 19.65' (117.7" wheelbase, 184.3" long)
Tahoe, large SUV - 19.5' (116" wheelbase, 204" long)
Model X - 19.4' (116.7" wheelbase, 198.3" long)
CT6 - 18.5' (122" wheelbase, 204" long)
LS400 - 17.4' (111" wheelbase, 196.7" long)

Whether an i-Pace will get into a tighter parking stall would have to be tested. It depends where the bumpers are. But the short length is certainly an advantage when parking.

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