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Originally Posted by phil View Post
I had the digital rearview mirror in the Chevy Bolt, and loved it.
Interesting. I've never driven a car with one, but I had formed the assumption (dangerous that!) that having to change focus would make a digital one "different" if not "annoying". But now I think about it I suppose I have to do that every time I look at the instruments too ...

Cameras instead of wing-mirrors same thing presumably. That's got to be an improvement worth having? [I know legislation hasn't caught up yet] (Surprised F1 cars haven't done that ... those sticking-out, and tiny, wing mirrors must be an Aero issue)

the thing that troubles me most about the I-Pace is its wide turning circle - nearly 5 feet bigger than my current car
Is there any obvious reason for that (related to BEV)? or is that normal for similar Jags and just something that Lexus have done well?

Hadn't really thought about the turning circle of the Tesla. Had small hatchbacks before, so the size of Tesla is a big issue (especially in UK as parking spaces are small). However, the transmission allows switch forward/reverse at low speeds (maybe 5 MPH max?), so I can do a three-point-turn with just flick of "gear"s selector and a dance on the gas pedal which works surprisingly well for manoeuvring; i.e. after selecting reverse some gentle gas provides "deceleration, and then propulsion". Maybe Jag will allow that too?
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