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Originally Posted by McRat View Post
Neither car has a digital rearview mirror which sort of blows away something like a fully adjustable manual steering wheel vs. a motorized unit.
I agree. I had the digital rearview mirror in the Chevy Bolt, and loved it.

Neither the motorized steering wheel nor any of the items you mention are really big deals for me. The manual wheel just struck me as incongruous in a modern luxury car; Cost cutting doesn't sound right, because Jaguar is not shy about charging for features, both standard and optional. But not a dealbreaker or anything.

Actually, the thing that troubles me most about the I-Pace is its wide turning circle - nearly 5 feet bigger than my current car (Lexus LS400). The Jag's body is also a few inches wider than my old car, and I will definitely miss the Lexus' maneuverability in the garage, on the road, and in parking lots. Still not a dealbreaker for me, and of course no car is perfect, but I do wish the I-Pace could turn tighter than a minivan!
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