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Neither car has a digital rearview mirror which sort of blows away something like a fully adjustable manual steering wheel vs. a motorized unit.

The DRM needs no adjustment. Just point it right at yourself if you like, it doesn't matter. If passengers or cargo is in the back, they disappear as do the pillars. It has about 170 field of view and can see into your blind spots.

That will suck not having DRM on a $80k car, there's no excuse for that. It's a safety feature. The motorized steering wheel? I've had expensive sports cars with manual steering and seats.

The Tesla's lack of a 360 bird's eye view and no HUD at all is also puzzling at that price point. This is stuff that comes on $40k and under cars, and again are safety features.

Both the Tesla and i-Pace can be forgiven for lacking 4-wheel steering (very handy), massage seats, reclining rear seats (although these are avail on some JLR products). and individual rear HDTV entertainment, because some $100k cars don't have these. EV drivetrains cost a lot more than a ICE drivetrain, so you must cut costs somewhere, and these are not safety blunders.

Jaguar did not opt for a motorized steering wheel. One would assume it was a cost cutting measure, not an engineering decision concerning safety. Ditto for the digital rearview mirror. But it's actually kitted better than a Tesla when you option both out.

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