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I'm not here to poo-poo anything about the Jag, as the more decent-range BEVs the better, as far as I am concerned, but that said my benchmark for comparison is Tesla and this seems a pity.

Tesla allows a number of named driver configurations [so more than just some 1, 2, 3 buttons allow] and shows them in a pull-down select list. They can be linked to a fob (and then that config is loaded when you open the door - but as mentioned in another thread its flawed and does not work well if a passenger also has their fob with them).

When we swap drivers the only thing I (as driver) have to adjust is the rear view mirror (which then seems a pity that they didn't motorise that ... another 1st-world-problem!). There is no memory on the passenger seat.

There must be some things not include in a driver-configd, but I'm not sure I can remember them. Cabin temperature (driver side) for example. That stays at previous setting (and might well have been adjusted from APP - when paying bill at restaurant to turn on climate )

There is also an exit mode, but unless all you want is tilt seat back a bit and move steering wheel up, the delay for the whirring of the motors isn't great. I mean ... 0-60 in the twinkling of an eye, but move seat back is measured in glacial units

Some of the settings are explicitly included in the driver config (if you move the seat a SAVE button appears on dash (showing the config-name) for a few seconds, but many are saved implicitly - e.g. if I turn on/off auto-dipping headlights I'm pretty sure that just gets added to my config without a save.

So if I loan the car to anyone even though they might NOT press SAVE when they move the seat (but they might <sigh ...>) anything else they fiddle with becomes part of my driver profile. Including the Tesla Driver who drops off loaner and takes my car for service ... and returns it.

So I have a Guest driver setting ... which I have to remember to set before loaning car to anyone
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