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Wheel choice anxiety

I was wondering if anyone else thinks the wheel choices are poor for this car. I don't like any one of them. It looks like Land Rover got to pick them and not Jag people - I never have liked any Land Rover wheels. I'd have to go black wheels for sure and the only wheel that is half-way acceptable to me is the 15 spoke 1022, but it doesn't come in black and only in 18"s. I'd rather have a larger 19" or 20" as well. I know I could possibly powder coat that wheel but would still be stuck with the 18"s.

SO, the question is, does anyone know if the bolt pattern and other important wheel criteria will match and cross from other Jags to the iPace? I would just get the FPace black blades if that was the case, someway, somehow. Maybe my wife wouldn't notice if I stole hers.

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